I wanted to be the first to post contents on this spanking, brand new blogathingie. It bears my name, afterall. So, might as well, uh?

It’s not like I’m new to blogging anyway, so stop looking at me like that 🙂

What I’m new to is writing about anything related to computing, computer, technology, or technologizing that does NOT involve MICROSOFT and Microsoft technologies. It is a weird feeling, the type of which I do not know how to abide. You see, I grew up on Microsoft. Long story short, I ended up on the “other side” – the VMware side. For the past four years (give or take, if you dare :0) I have been a Consulting Architect in the Professional Services Organization at VMware. It was a weird feeling. No, not weird that way!

Let me describe the weirdness….

It is the kind of feeling you have IF your first marriage was heading for an inevitable divorce and, while you were in counseling, you met Miss (or Mr.) Universe. One quick “let’s have coffee” led to another and another and, before you knew it, you were divorced and now married – to Miss (or Mr.) Universe. Life’s good, no? Not really.

OK, OK, life’s good. Really good, actually. You have the most awesome bedmate, exotic travels, social glitz, money, booze, the works. Life good, eh? Except for this little tiny bit part of the life of you that sucks so bad you started fearing that you might be bi-polar and not know it.

The part where everyone in your life (the old life, before you met and married the damsel) knew you as the spouse of that other spouse you divorced way back when. Life sucks because when you step out into the in-crowd with your new spouse, everyone you know stares at you with their jaws inches from the floor. You couldn’t tell if they were ogling your new spouse or if they were accusing you of cheating on your REAL wife – you know, THAT one, the one everyone knew you were married to but don’t remember that you were divorced from. Hurts, no?

Here you are with the best of all worlds, and you couldn’t even brag about it. You get the sneaky feeling that you were cheating on … something. You couldn’t flaunt your new, errr…. “net worth”. This was supposed to NOT be like this!!! So, you kicked the dog, bit the cat, broke you coffee mug, ran into your closet and curled up in the darkest corner and you never came out – evah!

What were we talking about again? Oh, yeah. Microsoft. My dear old spouse. VMware. My new beautiful bombshell of a spouse. And bi-polar. And dark places. And coming out. And seeing daylight. And putting the shades on. And some tanning lotion. Strike that! No tanning lotion – got enough Melanin already. And stepping out in style, hand around Miss Universe’s well-proportioned and sculped waist, whistling happily and not caring who stares and who oggles. Then blogging. That’s it! – blogging.

For four years, yours truly had been this discombobulated (big word there, Padre!) hermit, not sure if it is a sin to write about anything else but Microsoftish ….. stuff. Well, it can’t be a “sin” if you so thoroughly enjoy it, right? Right. Welcome to my new life. Happy reading.


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